About us


Axolotl Art Projects (AAP) is a dedicated division of Axolotl Group set up to create and manage sculptural, contemporary, temporary and permanent art installations. Our extensive and innovative materials and techniques open up the creative palette to artists and designers that they may not have believed possible.

AAP partners with artists and design firms to support the artistic process from conception to realisation. It is committed to working with and respecting the needs and challenges of both the artist’s and clients brief.

Axolotl has experience in developing art projects locally, nationally and internationally with artists, developers and local governments. As a consultant, project manager and manufacturer, our unique service for art projects encompasses the access to proprietary techniques in metal, glass, timber and concrete.

AAP offers a unique full-service approach to commissioning artwork and creative design solutions. AAP are flexible in their level of involvement and role in the art project. Each art project is uniquely assessed and thoughtfully addressed. Our involvement in the process can include; art strategy, artist selection, concept design, design development, engineering, documentation and fabrication. 

Axolotl has worked on numerous art projects throughout its history commissioning and producing for art events, public art, private collections, architectural and design projects. Working with artists such as Warren Langley, Pamela See, Janet Laurence and Colin Lancely.

We boast an in-house design and production team and have a proven track record in contemporary art projects that make us a clear leader in this field.