Project Name: Gunni Gunni & The Yarra

Artist: Kerrie Kenton

Materials: Mild Steel Hot Dip Galvanised . Brass . Florentine . Verdigris Patina

Dimensions: 7 Pieces from 400mm H - 800mm H

Description: Aboriginal students from the Ku-ring-gai Creative Arts High School participated in a cultural workshop with Aboriginal artist, Kerrie Kenton, to learn more about the Darug people and their history, Dreamtime stories and Aboriginal Art.

Inspired by the Yarra, or Lemon-scented gum tree which once stood here, Kerrie shared her own Dreamtime story that has been passed down through her family about Gunii Gunii, the native bee. Gunii Gunii looked after her Elders and people with the sweet nectar from the blossoms of the Yarra. The tradition of storytelling and the story of Gunii Gunii has been recreated in the murals around the park and on the remnant of this tree.

The Bee's were a stylised version of the native blue banded Bee, with Verdigris bands highlighting the bands in the Brass metal finish.