3_Jade Oakley_Looking Up.jpg

Project Name: Looking Up

Artist: Jade Oakley

Location: Westfield Parramatta

Materials: Alucobond . MDF

Dimensions: 200 sqm

Description:  When Westfield commissioned Jade to design escalator cladding and a large lift well at Westfield Parramatta she was inspired by the indigenous plants of the area.

“I was amazed to find Lake Parramatta, tucked in behind a busy road, with some really beautiful original forest around it, including towering gum trees and mossy glades with trickling streams and tree ferns. I spent a day there sketching and photographing and thinking. Understorey and Looking Up are artworks that sprang from this encounter with a surprising pocket of nature in a busy part of Sydney.”

‘Looking up’ is installed over the body of four escalators located in the centre court  of Westfield Parramatta that extend over three storeys. Created using a white on white palette, this artwork is intricate and elegant all at once. Viewers can study the artwork while walking through the centre court and riding the escalators to the storeys above. 

The cladding is made from alucobond treated in a custom shimmering white 2pak. The background features an etched relief of the forest canopy, covered with a second layer of perforated leaf screens that wrap around the sides of the escalators.