SXS x AAP - 3 days to go


Only three days to go until Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2017 ends so if you haven’t had a chance, do yourself a favour and get down to Bondi. Over 100 sculptures from Australian and international artists line the iconic walkway from Bondi to Bronte. 

In honour of the exhibition and our role as a Supporting Partner, AAP have put together a small video featuring the amazing work of sponsored artists. Turn your sound up and enjoy.




Marcel Cousins
Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2017
A three dimensional experience. Like a Japanese garden the work aims to represent an
experience of nature but one that has been manipulated and highly stylised.
Materials: Aluminium, steel, paint

Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi is one of Sydney’s most popular events with up to 500,000 visitors each year. Staged on the spectacular Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk, this free to the public exhibition captures the imagination of Sydney and its visitors for three weeks each spring. Sculpture by the Sea has grown since its inaugural show in 1997 and is now the largest annual sculpture exhibition in the world, this year showcasing 104 sculptures by renowned Australian and International artists.

Axolotl Art Projects are proud to be a Supporting Partner of Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2017 by providing significant contribution in the form of materials and artisan support to four artists. This year the artists selected for Axolotl sponsorship were Marcel Cousins, Stephen Harrison, Elyssa Sykes-Smith and Fiona Kemp.

We believe that arts and cultural events like Sculpture by the Sea are what keep communities vibrant and active and we are proud to play a small part by supporting these artists to create their artworks. Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2017 is now open and will run until 5 November.

If you are an artist looking for an experienced partner to facilitate your art projects, Axolotl, through our specialist AAP division can offer an extensive range of services. We are unique in our offer of our own specialist surfaces and have experience designing and fabricating across most construction materials. To get in contact email or phone 02 9666 1207.


Elyssa Sykes-Smith
Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2017
Image © Jessica Wyld
A site specific installation that explores the psychological state of being trapped in an intimately familiar, neurotic pattern of thought.
Materials: Concrete, copper wire, steel, Axolotl Copper


Stephen Harrison
Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2017
Unearthed aeroplanes of World war 2, coupled with Stephen’s family history, loss and memory.
Materials: Steel, Axolotl Bronze, patina, Zinc


Fiona Kemp
Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2017
From and early age we are taught, by the use of maps, to view the world through an abstract representation of place. This work consists of seven templates that fit together, like a jigsaw puzzle. Exploring the way objects, images and repetitive practices resonate in memory.
Materials: Mild Steel


AAP proud Supporting Partner of Sculpture by the Sea 2017


Axolotl is a known innovator in surfaces and world class project management. More recently it has focused on sculpting a reputation within the arts sector as the ideal partner for large art projects. As part of this commitment to the arts, Axolotl Art Projects is excited to announce it's commitment as a Supporting Partner of Australia’s iconic, Sculpture by the Sea.

Selected artists will receive a significant contribution in the form of materials and artisan support to help realise their vision. They will be able to choose from the full palette of Axolotl surfaces including metals, stone, terracotta and glass, affording the artist the ability to reinterpret any surface into something completely unique.

Managing Director, Kris Torma, of AAP says “The creative arts have always been a passion of ours, and we were looking for a way to provide support directly to artists when the opportunity to sponsor Sculpture by the Sea came about. We are incredibly proud of this association and see our relationship growing to be an ongoing, integral part of this amazing and original art show”.

Watch this space for updates as we get closer to the launch of the 2017 Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi exhibition.

If you would like to bring your own creative vision to life – be it a sculpture, or a living art piece for your home such as a front door or bath -  contact our design team today on 02 96661207.


Art in review


Axolotl Art Projects are excited to showcase a selection of the recent public art projects and art collections we have been involved in.

Mallee (pictured above), by artist Jade Oakley is the most recently installed public artwork going up in its new home at Bendigo hospital early last month. A set of six kinetic mobiles link between two buildings at the new Bendigo Hospital, injecting the narrow void with an ever-changing canvas for the patients, staff and visitors to enjoy.

Each mobile is constructed from hand forged stainless steel hoops, a vine of intertwined stainless steel leaves with woven copper centres span the diameter. The mobiles were treated in Axolotl Copper metal and feature dappled green verdigris ageing.

Axolotl Art projects were commissioned to produce this intricate glass artwork, drawn by eminent Chinese pop artist Jacky Tsai. The piece is on its way to be installed in the Rouge Lounge on the Genting Dream Luxury cruise liner.

A fusion of pop culture and traditional themes synonymous with Jacky Tsai, the artwork is presented as a glowing red light box reminiscent of Chinese lanterns. The entry artwork has been created from custom laminated red glass with Axolotl Brass metal LINK on the surface. With intricate details as fine as 1mm wide, it took the Axolotl team over 120 hours just to produce the detail on the artwork.

SMC Design Art Consultancy sourced art for the Genting Dream on an international level and worked with renowned artists, as well exciting up-and-coming talent. Our own Emmaline Tuza was also commissioned to create a series of eight custom artworks for the Junket room on the luxury cruise liner.


Thee oblique distance set above by artist Lynne Roberts-Goodwin was created for her for closeupatadistance exhibition held in October at Kronenberg Wright Artists Projects in Sydney.

The set consists of twenty photo-etched negatives, laser embossed and etched onto 10mm thick aluminium metal. Within this key series the work has engaged with the Dead Sea and surrounding contested sites of environmental and political impact from aerially oblique and ground positions.

We also had the pleasure of working with Jade Oakley on her private commission for Otto Ristorante Brisbane.

Sketches of intertwined mangroves inspired from Jade’s first site visit were translated into laser cut, hand rolled and welded mangroves in 3mm thick Brass sheet, aged to represent tide and watermarks. The tips of the branches are adorned with kinetic mobiles with leaf elements in brass, stained timber and dyed silk which move gently in the breeze coming in off the river.

These projects, along with many of our latest art projects can be seen in more detail on the Axolotl Art Projects website. You also can find more information on showcased artists through their websites below.


Rain Shadow

Photography by @carolynpricephotography

“Night falls early in this place. Above the canopy, birds wheel and glide in the sunlight while below the wet air rises from the earth. Fig trees tower above, their tangle of roots reaching into the piles of skeleton leaves below. Moss and lichen adorn every surface and the green air is alive with the sounds of small birds and flowing water. I stop and breathe the earth in this place of rain and shadow.” Jade Oakley

Photography by @carolynpricephotography
Photography by @carolynpricephotography

Axolotl have had the privilege of working closely with Australian artist Jade Oakley on a series of recent art projects. We have received a strong response from our clients, with a number of Jade Oakley maquettes on display in our showroom from current public art ventures.

Rain Shadow is Oakley’s latest project, a solo exhibition opening August 23 at the Australian Galleries Sydney.

This breathtaking exhibition presents a series of 15 hanging mobiles, 5 ‘Rain Shadow’ lights which combine lighting with copper mobile elements and 4 small free standing mobiles. The body of work is made up of more than 200 individually perforated and aged leaf elements.

“Rain Shadow is a new body of work inspired by a rainforest walk in the hinterland above Byron Bay. I have made mobiles from copper, which I have obsessively perforated by hand to reveal the patterns of veins and texture of leaves. I love the sense of translucency that is achieved through this process and I am fascinated how a once solid material can become ethereal and, to my eye, magical. The effect of light and shadow created by the perforated mobile elements is beautiful.” Jade Oakley

Photography by @carolynpricephotography
Photography by @carolynpricephotography

Each of the copper leaf elements in Rain Shadow have been hand polished and many have been treated with an Axolotl Pearl Patina ageing. The Pearl Patina ageing adds an organic, dappled honey glow to the surface and enhances the delicate styling of the artworks. The metal treatment is also sealed to provide a long-lasting effect that avoids the bright and inconsistent tarnishing raw metals are subject to.

We would like to extend the invitation for you celebrate Jade Oakley’s latest project by visiting Rain Shadow – open 7 days, 10am to 6pm, current through to 11 September 2016. Artworks will be available for purchase through Australian Galleries.

Australian Galleries Sydney | 15 Roylston Street Paddington NSW 2021 | | 




Submerge into Paddington Reservoir Gardens, where you’ll find TOP5FEET, an immersive aquatic artwork by artist Dale Jones-Evans. You’ll be engulfed by an ethereal pool of water through which a swimmer is completing continuous laps, created by light and sound projections.  

TOP5FEET is inspired by the reservoir’s original purpose to provide water to parts of Sydney in the late 1880s. The artwork references the reservoir’s original purpose and emphasises its shortcomings. When the reservoir was in operation, the limited elevation meant only the top five feet of water could be used to service dwellings, hence its title.

“It was one of seven reservoirs and is a chunk of archaeology that is of local significance,” says Jones-Evans. “In a dry land water is essential – so that was the measure of its importance in servicing Sydney’s expanding suburbs, which rose on the hills above the gravitational force of where water naturally flows.”

“It’s an unusual public space for Australia, a kind of catacomb of utility – a once water vessel.  I thought the site had poetic resonance and delight,” he continues.

TOP5FEET has been created in collaboration with Axolotl Art Projects, it is a composition of formed glass, light, sound and animation – filmed at the Andrew (Boy) Charlton pool.

Selected by the City of Sydney, it will launch the new year round Art & About festival, where art is brought to the city outside of the traditional springtime festival dates.

TEAM Artist: Dale Jones-Evans, Project Management & Manufacture: Axolotl Art Projects, Lighting: Big Screen Projects and 32Hundred Lighting, Audio Production: I-C-S-A, Content: Sugarglider Productions, Model: Cassie Egan, Commissioned: City of Sydney.


Pier One Sydney Harbour (Lobby, Bar and Restaurant Refurbishment)

  • Bar, Light Sculpture, Floor Inlays: Axolotl
  • Lighting Design: Electrolight
  • Architect: Bates Smart
  • Photography: Rohan Venn

Over the last year Electrolight have been working closely with Bates Smart Architects on the design for the revitalised Pier One Sydney Harbour, the high-end hotel and conference facility located at Walsh Bay in Sydney. Pier One Sydney Harbour is situated on a former real-life pier originally constructed in 1912. The location affords spectacular views over Sydney Harbour.

Electrolight's design for the bar and dining areas features a custom light sculpture inspired by the organic form and movement of the ocean's creatures and the way modern yachts replicate these same movements. The commissioned work, named 'Squelette', was both conceptualised and detailed by the Electrolight team in Sydney. The detailed design was quite a process, with over 300 parts requiring site assembly, with all parts suspended utilising gravity to hold it's form. Specialist fabricator Axolotl were appointed to manufacture the piece and were instrumental in the realisation of the work, affording Electrolight the opportunity to create the machined organic forms in a lightweight brass aesthetic using Axolotl’s proprietary metal coating techniques.

Design Director Donn Salisbury said "It's particularly pleasing to see this project come to fruition. It's not every day you get to work on a project with such a wonderful backdrop as Sydney Harbour. It was the perfect inspiration for our art and provides the ultimate backdrop. Axolotl were key in making this piece true to it's concept, it gave us the ability to materialise our vision."

For further information on Axolotl, or to discuss your own unique project requirements please contact Axolotl on 02 9666 1207 or


Ginkgo, Lily, Monsteria


Axolotl were delighted to be involved in the creation of this beautiful series of 2 metre tall sculptures by artist Jade Oakley, commissioned by the new Westfield's Miranda Shopping Centre.

"My creative process began with a visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney. I sat on the ground and made detailed sketches of the pattern of leaf veins" says Oakley who hand illustrated each of the detailed leaf designs in ink. Each drawing was then digitised, scaled and precision laser cut in Mild Steel by Axolotl.

The leaves were individually rolled and carefully hand forged to create the rippled surface before being welded to its stem and wrapped around the custom polished concrete base.

The sculptures were treated with an Axolotl Bronze Lunar coating, aged with a florentine verdigris patina and hand polished to highlight the bronze and accentuate the forms.

"The patina that Axolotl has applied to these sculptures is so beautiful, and just what I had in mind. In places the bronze paint shows through the patina, creating a deep lustre, and in other areas the organic patina glows green against the metal." Jade Oakley.

Jade is truly a pleasure to collaborate with, her engagement throughout the entire creation of her artwork from inception through to manufacture is testament to the highly crafted works she creates.


Anzac Poppies


Axolotl was recently requested by Distinctive Living Design to help create a thought provoking and meaningful tribute to the ANZAC's, which was launched as part of the ANZAC day commemorations this year. The poppies were made from hand beaten steel and Axolotl accentuated this feature by applying custom finish to the petals and a textural concrete to the stems.


Currently in Factory


AAP are currently working on completing these large Poppy sculptures with the team from Distinctive Living Design, shown below being galvanised. They will have a bright red finish applied to the petals that allows the hand beaten texture in the petals to read through. A custom pigmented concrete finish will also be applied to the stem. To be installed in Carrington for this years Anzac day commemoration.




Axolotl Art Projects were shortlisted as one of three contenders from an international line-up to create two feature walls for Hong Kong airport. At this point in time, everything is crossed for success which will be an accolade not just for Axolotl and the many partner companies who have become part of this project, but also for Australian design and manufacturing. 

Whilst we are unable to disclose our design for the Hong Kong airport due to confidentiality agreements, we can let you know that our new Specular glass is an exciting cutting edge technology, made specifically for this project.

A teaser and close up of Specular Glass is shown on the video below which demonstrates the infinite depth achieved using this process.


Axolotl Projects: LINK Glass


Nestled under No1 Pacific Place, Chatswood is a thoroughfare that is above the ordinary.

Axolotl was commissioned by Mirvac Special Projects, to create a back-lit glass feature wall to run the length of the walkway. Artist Pamela See was called on to create the stunning artwork that adorns the glass who then implemented our unique palette of processes to execute the artwork to full effect. 

The Axolotl 'LINK' glass features an Axolotl Copper coating bonded to frosted laminated glass and then aged with a Verdigris patina. Pamela's artwork was then carved through the metal to allow subtle blades of light to penetrate the surface. The artwork continues through to custom designed, laser cut steel gates at both ends.

This walkway is in an area that could have easily been overlooked but is now thought of as the crown jewel of the development. It’s a testimony to how thoughtful art can define an area with a distinctive character and support a positive ecology in the life that works and lives within it.

This is the second successfully completed collaboration with Pamela See and Axolotl. The other being the widely acclaimed and award winning Chinatown Kiosk, we featured last year.


Walking Blank


'Walking Blank' is a sculpture by Canberra artist Rosalind Lemoh. Using a taxidermists mannequin (referred to as a blank), the deer has been remodelled and coated in Axolotl Graphite, to create a sleek industrial form that explores the relationship between the natural and urban environment.


Chinese Lantern


Axolotl projects: Feature glass in Chinatown.  Artist: Pamela See

Those visiting the bustling inner Sydney district of Chinatown recently will have been treated to the dazzling glow of red light from a new information kiosk.

This concept was designed by Frost* Design and Lacoste + Stevenson Architects, with feature glass supplied by Axolotl.

The feature walls were created using toughened and curved glass, with a textured Graphite design adding dimension and tactile interest. Daytime throws sun onto graphite creating shine, whilst at night the kiosk comes alive with the area being backlit to contrast the red with solid graphite.

David Stevenson explains the concept, "The conversion of the seating pagoda in Dixon Street to an information kiosk to service Chinatown called for a sympathetic and contextual design. The design approach is to treat the new enclosure as a patterned red lantern by day which is illuminated by night. The lantern is inserted inside the existing pagoda structure and is clearly understood as a new volume. It consists of 2 semi-circular volumes that are clad with patterned, curved glass; the pattern was created by paper-cut artist Pamela Mei-Leng See with cultural reference to the Chinese community including flowers, fish and birds. The sliding semi-circle of glass screens open to reveal a hot red interior that houses a wall of shelving for brochures, pamphlets and tourist information."

This project was made possible thanks to: City of Sydney, Frost* Design, Lacoste + Stevenson Architects, Lighting, Art & Science, Simpson Design Associates, Philip Chun, Morris Goding, Pamela Mei-Leng See, Growthbuilt, AGP Group (Architectural Glass Projects), Bent & Curved, DDK Electrical Services Pty Limited, Top Class Joinery Pty Limited and Axolotl.




Axolotl were recently engaged to collaborate on yet another public artwork further cementing our commitment to local artists and art in the community. This unique installation, created by Jane Cavanough of Artlandish, marks the entrance to the recently opened Bankstown Arts Centre. Commissioned by Bankstown City Council, the installation makes reference to the renowned lapidary workshop, residing in the Arts Centre, and the jewel-like polished stones created from rocks and minerals by the lapidary craftsmen.

Jane’s artistic vision was realised using Axolotl’s Link in Rust. Glass panels have been cut to shape and Axolotl Rust applied in a custom design to one face with the rear face sandblasted to create translucency. Fabricated in glass, copper and stainless steel, the materials for the sculpture were selected in response to the architectural language of the adjacent building and reflect the glass and copper facade of the Arts Centre.

If you’d like more information on Axolotl and other public artworks we have been involved with check out oursculpture gallery or contact us at


Advanx Sculpture by Axolotl Metal


As part of our showcase on public art projects, we are privileged to have worked with renowned Sydney art duo Susan Milne and Greg Stonehouse on a number of projects. Most recently Axolotl again had the opportunity to work with Milne & Stonehouse on a site specific installation commissioned for the new Advanx Apartments in Rushcutters Bay. The site of the development was previously the Advanx tyre factory which provided inspiration for the sculptures. Manufactured in aluminium, the structures which range up to 4 metres in height, are bonded with Axolotl Zinc. The lasercut fragments of tyre treads are paralleled by plant fossil prints which Axolotl have etched onto each of the multi faceted elements. As interpreted by Milne and Stonehouse, the piece explores the layered print of plant life with the imprint of humans.


'Touching Lightly' with Axolotl Glass


Axolotl has a long history of collaborating with some of Australia's leading artists. It's always a thrill to be approached to work on these projects and we have recently completed three large scale public art pieces by three different artists which we will showcase over the coming weeks.

Warren Langley, one of Australia's most acclaimed glass and light artists, has produced numerous installations incorporating Axolotl glass. Recently Warren was commissioned to create a site specific sculpture for the newly opened Canberra Glassworks. The artists centre is located in the converted buildings of the old Kingston Powerhouse complex on the lake foreshores in Kingston, ACT.

Titled 'Touching Lightly', the 23m high tower consists of a galvanised steel frame surrounded by Axolotl formed glass and rings of LED lights creating a low energy feature on the site of the old chimney stack. Each of the 56 panels of low iron glass were formed by Axolotl into a unique custom texture, which were then curved and mounted to the frame creating over 100 square metres of glass skin enveloping the entire structure.


Sculpture by the Sea


Award winning sculptor Mark McClelland's latest work 'of memory' will be shown for the first time at this year's Sculpture by the Sea, in Mark's Park, Bondi. Constructed from steel plate and bonded with Axolotl Aluminium, the sculpture is a span structure, cantilevered into space from one fixed point

Mark says the work is based around the ideas of risk and commitment. A significant engineering feat, the work is so finely balanced that it moves in a breeze, yet despite this apparent delicacy, is engineered to function as a seat, and will comfortably support the load of people sitting on it. Under this load 'of memory' will oscillate, delivering a kinetic experience to the viewer/user.

Sculpture by the Sea commences tomorrow and runs until 15th November.

Click Here to see all of our Sculpture Projects.


Winning Combination


Pictured is one of two feature walls that were created for the Swire Group for Three Pacific Place in Hong Kong.

Constructed from over 1000 square metres of glass, the scale of this feature wall is only apparent when you view the person riding the escalator alongside it.

The first layer of glass panels feature Axolotl’s ‘Veil’ formed glass. The inner layer contains the Budha’s image printed to the laminated glass interlayer.

The wall is backlit to stunning effect.

Both walls were manufactured in Australia before being shipped to Hong Kong

Art has been a major part of Axolotl since its inception. We have worked with some of Australia's best artists and sculptors including Richard Goodwin, Colin Lancely, Janet Lawrence, Warren Langley, Terrence Plowright and Gaye Porter.

We're very excited to continue our involvement with another talented artist at this year's Sculpture by the Sea.

Taking out the major award this year is Mark McLelland's 1.5 tonne sculpture. 'She Thought' is  manufactured from mild steel and bonded with Axolotl Treasury Bronze.

You'll find 'She Thought' at the top of the hill framing the ocean at the end of Marks Park along the sculpture walk between Bondi and Tamarama.

Sculpture by the Sea is on now and runs until 2 November.


Introducing Axolotl Art Projects


Contemporary art installations have always been an integral part of Axolotl. It is therefore with great pleasure that today we launch AAP - Axolotl Art Projects, a dedicated consultancy to specifically project manage commissioned artworks. 

From concept through to a fully resolved piece, AAP partners with architects, designers, developers, councils and artists to be the key liaison for any scale of project.

AAP offers a unique full-service approach to commissioning artwork and creative design solutions, yet are flexible in their level of involvement and role in the art project. Axolotl's involvement can start and finish at any point in the production spectrum, including art strategy, artist selection, concept design, design development, engineering, documentation and fabrication.

With Axolotl's unique manufacturing abilities and palette of materials in metal, concrete, glass and timber, artists have a virtually unrestricted freedom to create works that they may not have originally thought possible.