Project Name: Out of Water - Moruya

Artist: Milne and Stonehouse

Materials: Steel . Rust . Stone

Dimensions: 8m H

Description: The artwork uses disparate materials combined as one sculpture.  The metal upright stretches over eight metres into the air and attaches to a granite stone wall.  Extending towards the river a granite line projects cleanly in the shadow of a vertebrae of seats in hardwood and metal.

It makes a number of references.  The granite wall alludes to its material use for the Harbour Bridge and the function of training walls to control sand deposition in the river.  The vertical fin is a figurative gesture while the seats follow its curve along the ground as the vertebra of a spinal keel.

It is neither a fish nor a boat but threads their differences into sculptural material.  Both are in the water, one rides on the Plimsoll line, the other below.  Both are stranded out of water.  The form and imprint of the sculpture’s stranding reminds its audience from where it has come.  The local text references respond to Aboriginal language, history and school students.