Project Name: Poise

Artist: Warren Langley

Materials: Formed Glass . Stainless Steel

Dimensions: tba

Description: Poise, an artwork by Warren Langley, can be found at concourse level at the top of the grand staircase at Victoria Point.

Made from 20mm thick toughened safety glass within a steel frame Poise by day is a crystalline shimmering object. Each element in it surface cladding has a strip of LED light concealed along its top edge. The effect of this by night is quite extraordinary, creating a shimmering blue vessel with a sequence of glowing concentric rings

Poise is a work which is primarily about a material and its inherent beauty. It employs the concept of a precious vessel or receptacle, an image common to all cultures. In employing such an accessible image or form, the work opens itself to a plethora of interpretations, becoming a conduit between the particular local experience and the larger universal experience. 

Langley’s favoured materials are glass and light. He has used these materials architecturally and sculpturally producing both temporary and permanent works. The inherent qualities of these materials attract the artist and his ability to manipulate them by drawing into the environment and within and upon architecture is captivating to view.

Poise, like Docklands itself, shows its different moods at different times of day.