Photography: Carolyn Price

Photography: Carolyn Price

Project Name: Rain Shadow

Artist: Jade Oakley

Location: Australian Galleries Sydney

Materials: Copper . Wire . Pearl Patina

Dimensions:15 hanging mobiles, 5 light mobiles, 4 freestanding mobiles dimensions vary

Description:  Axolotl have had the privilege of working closely with Australian artist Jade Oakley on a series of recent art projects. We have received a strong response from our clients, with a number of Jade Oakley maquettes on display in our showroom from current public art ventures.

Rain Shadow is a breathtaking solo exhibition presented by Australian Galleries Sydney, it consists of a series of 15 hanging mobiles, 5 ‘Rain Shadow’ lights which combine lighting with copper mobile elements and 4 small free standing mobiles. The body of work is made up of more than 200 individually perforated and aged leaf elements.

“Rain Shadow is a new body of work inspired by a rainforest walk in the hinterland above Byron Bay. I have made mobiles from copper, which I have obsessively perforated by hand to reveal the patterns of veins and texture of leaves. I love the sense of translucency that is achieved through this process and I am fascinated how a once solid material can become ethereal and, to my eye, magical. The effect of light and shadow created by the perforated mobile elements is beautiful.” Jade Oakley

Each of the copper leaf elements in Rain Shadow have been hand polished and many have been treated with an Axolotl Pearl Patina ageing. The Pearl Patina ageing adds an organic, dappled honey glow to the surface and enhances the delicate styling of the artworks. The metal treatment is also sealed to provide a long-lasting effect that avoids the bright and inconsistent tarnishing raw metals are subject to.