Project Name: TOP5FEET – Art & About 2015

Artist: Dale Jones-Evans

Location: The Paddington Reservoir Gardens

Materials: Formed Glass, LED lighting, Concrete, Audio

Dimensions: 33 metres long

Description: This installation takes a cue from the Paddington Reservoirs top 5 feet.

The top 5 feet of water being the only available water which could service buildings in excess of one storey, due to its limited elevation.

The installations idea harks back to the reservoirs original built purpose, and emphasises its shortcoming by presenting an image of a reservoir 5 foot drained, re-purposed as a pool with a swimmer in its illustrious water.

The intensity is brought to the over scaled swimmer, whose body will in part be out of frame as they swim laps along the wall.

The intensity of the light box which is composed of several layers of glass with backlit LED’s has in itself a mysterious quality. The make up of the glass used in the light box has an unmeasured depth and feeling of water. When viewing the glass the observer will see movement, and a warped image imitating a waters rippling surface.

The looped visual is enhanced with abstract water sounds creating a soft, and hypnotic effect designed to capture the passers attention and immerse them in thought.

The idea of the imagery presented, and historical facts being integrated into the art proposal is a perverse and beautiful play on this site-specific location.

Top5feet is a temporary installation, and was the launch of the roaming Art & About Sydney festival.