Project Name: Touchstones

Artist: Jane Cavanough

Materials: Rust . Carved Glass . Copper

Dimensions: Up to 2.5m in height

Description: ‘Touchstones’ is a striking installation that makes reference to the renowned lapidary workshop residing in the Bankstown Arts Centre, and the jewel-like polished stones created from rocks and minerals by the lapidary craftsmen.

 Artist Jane Cavanough of Artlandish was commissioned to create the feature artwork of four abstract pebble shapes for the forecourt of the Bankstown Arts Centre. The playful oversized sculptures welcome each visitor to the centre, and are a landmark by both day and night with a soft glowing interior representing the lustrous reflective and immersive quality of jewels.

 The glass panels were cut to their unique shapes and set like gems within striking hand forged copper bezels. Each sculpture features a hand-illustrated design that explores the natural layers and intrinsic beauty within both raw and polished gemstones.

 Jane’s artistic vision was realised using Axolotl’s specialty Link Rust, the rust metal finish was inlaid into the outer surface of the glass to re-create the illustrated designs. Each panel of glass was also frosted on its internal face to amplify and diffuse the sun’s light by day, and each sculpture was wired with LED lighting to illuminate by night.

 Fabricated in glass, copper, and rust, the materials used within the sculpture were selected in response to the architectural language of the adjacent building and reflect the glass and copper facade of the Arts Centre.