Project Name: Untitled

Artist: Jacky Tsai

Location: Chinese Dream Cruise Ship, Rouge Lounge

Materials: Laminated glass . Brass

Dimensions: 1556mm h x 2616mm w


Genting Dream by Dream Cruises is the first ever Asian luxury cruise liner and the first luxury ship to make Guangzhou (Nansha) its home port, year-round. 

Designed by one of the industry’s leading design firms, London Based SMC Design, the Genting Dream showcases a truly Asian experience considering the cultures and customs of the Asiatic region. The SMC Art Consultancy sourced art for the project on an international level and working with both established and renowned artists, as well exciting up-and-coming talent. The experience starts before you step on-board the Genting Dream with an amazing piece of hull art created by Chinese pop-artist Jacky Tsai.

Inside, the luxurious Rouge Lounge showcases a second custom designed artwork from artist Jacky Tsai, produced by Axolotl. The artwork is a fusion of pop culture and traditional themes synonymous with Jacky Tsai and is presented as a glowing red light box reminiscent of Chinese lanterns. The entry artwork has been created from custom laminated red glass with Axolotl Brass metal LINK on the surface. The intricate design has detail as fine as 1mm wide, it took the Axolotl team over 120 hours to produce the detail on the artwork alone.



Jacky Tsai is an eminent Chinese pop artist, creating peculiar pieces with an inventive approach to traditional materials and craftsmanship. Tsai works to establish balance and harmony between cultural extremes. His original style, featuring of references to western pop art in combination with eastern artistry re-imagines the concept of beauty to be appreciated by viewer of all different cultural heritages. 


Tsai is perhaps best known as the creator behind British fashion designer Alexander McQueen’s iconic floral skull. The floral skull, illustrating the iconography of the skull with bloom of plants, is the best exemplar of the artist’s vision. Tsai works to dispel attitudes of fear and superstition prevalent in Chinese perception of death, to encourage the emergence of beauty in decay within the symbol of the skull – playing with concepts of reborn from death. 

Determine to spread his aspiration, Tsai works across various fields including installations, sculpture, and fashion. Since the debut of his very own fashion label, Tsai has collaborated with high-end mega department store such as Harvey Nichols, and Lane Crawford. In 2014, Tsai collaborated with the internationally acclaimed Chinese luxury brand Shanghai Tang. The collection was launched globally in May 2014, significantly praised by consumer and critics worldwide.

Since graduating his Master degree from Central Saint Martin’s, his work has exhibited worldwide, with key exhibitions in London, New york, city of Singapore, and Hong Kong. Tsai has a leading role in Chinese contemporary pop art. He is the first Chinese artist to be represented by the prestigious Fine art Society, the oldest commercial gallery in the UK. His more recent solo exhibitions include East West show in May at The Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong, and his upcoming solo exhibition this September at The Fine Art Society.