Project Name: Hong Kong Airport Feature Walls

Artist: Dale Jones-Evans

Materials: Glass & Interactive LED Lighting

Dimensions: 1 @ 28.8 x 7.44m, 1 @ 20.24 x 7.44m

Description:  What is Hong Kong? After exploring many ideas, the harbour came to the forefront.

The artists’ illustration for the GFW’s already presented a flowing, water like image.

The Harbour being one of the first and last sights when entering and leaving Hong Kong, and the beauty of the city it reflects was a very fitting notion.

We then explored possible ways to re-create a dynamic, reflective, and vivid representation of the Hong Kong Harbour.

Formed, or kiln fired glass at the front would create the rippled waters undulated surface. The addition of the slivers of mirror applied to the formed panels will embellish the rippled surface, and create a dynamic and interactive face for the wall.

Passers by will be able to see movement and reflection in the wall from a distance, and up-close.

The inspiration behind this addition is for the glass feature wall to be afforded all the qualities in which a real waters surface can present.

To encapsulate the imagery and visitors memories of the harbour at its most brilliant, we would print and laminate an interlayer to the back.

All elements would then be lit with dynamic lighting from the back for an ever transforming masterpiece.