Photography: Michelle Dunn

Photography: Michelle Dunn

Project Name: Mallee

Artist: Jade Oakley

Location: Bendigo Hospital

Project Management: Creative Road

Materials: Stainless Steel, Copper, Verdigris

Dimensions: 2 x 1000mm Dia, 2 x 1200mm Dia, 2 x 1400mm Dia

Description:  A set of six kinetic mobiles link between two buildings at the new Bendigo Hospital, injecting the narrow void with an ever-changing canvas for the patients, staff and visitors to enjoy. The suspended mobiles can be viewed looking up from the main entrance, or up close through windows in the hospital, they are suspended outside the windows of the acute care ward. Situated within a narrow glass lined void, the artwork advantageously multiplies through its reflections in the space. 

Each mobile is constructed from hand forged stainless steel hoops, a vine of intertwined stainless steel leaves with woven copper centres span each hoop. The mobiles were treated in Axolotl Copper metal and feature dappled green verdigris ageing. The organic form and patination are intended to stimulate a gentle and soothing environment for hospital patients, “from the windows Mallee provides an ever-changing view as the mobiles turn constantly in the breeze. The network of cables joining the mobiles to each other is symbolic of the connection between all living things.” Jade Oakley.