Project Name: Stories from the Street

Artist: Peter Day

Materials: MIld Steel . Stainless Steel . Rust . Laminated printed glass

Dimensions: tba

Description: The graffiti installation, designed by Peter Day from Environmental Art and Design, demonstrates the diversity of Axolotl products. The design came out of extensive community engagement with various youth groups - from kids interviewed on the street to young writers and youth council. Overwhelmingly, their response was a desire for greater respect from the community and for their culture, especially visual, to be taken seriously. The kids wrote the stories displayed on the glass panels, and directed & edited the illustrations.

Preference for the materiality of the installation, as indicated by the young artists involved, was for glass, stainless steel and rust, the perfect Axolotl combination. Manufactured from Miro glass cut to complex shapes, rust and mild steel the installation is pin fixed in place at the new Hurstville Bus Exchange.

Our unique metal, concrete and glass elements are a crucial asset to the modern artist's palette, enabling the creation of magnificent sculptures, delicate architectural pieces and monumental works of art.